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CALM Football Collective

CALM Football Collective

Football has a big role to play in the way we deal with issues including mental health and suicide. Being there for your mates when things get tough – whether you’re playing or supporting, winning or losing – creates strong bonds that can genuinely save lives.

That’s where the CALM Football Collective comes in…

What is the CALM Football Collective?

The CALM Football Collective brings together people who love the beautiful game, both playing it and watching it. It’s about positivity, generosity and reinforcement on and off the pitch. It’s for the fans. It’s for the players. It’s for football communities across the UK.

We’ll share inspiring football stories, we’ll give you chances to get involved in events, we’ll give you a platform to interact with other football fans and, if you play for a team, we’ll give you CALM Football Collective kit badges so you can make your team a CALM club.

There will still be those rivalries, those tears in the terraces, and those 50-50’s in the middle of the park, but you’ll be doing it with CALM in your mind and on your kit. Together, we can use football for good and to lead a movement against suicide.

Meet Marvin Sordell: footballer & CALM ambassador

“Even with all the negative emotions I encountered, I always wanted to play football. The driving force for me persisting in this career came from a love for purely playing the game of football and nothing has changed since”

Meet AFC Oldsmiths – the first CALM club

“I’ve always felt if you can make one lad less frustrated through playing football, brilliant. This has the scope to lift thousands of football fans and those close to them”


The benefits of the beautiful game

“We have always known that football improves people’s health; this report quantifies exactly by how much, and also demonstrates football’s social contribution to players and society as a whole”

We know football can be used for good, but don’t just take our word for it. The FA’s survey of approximately 9,000 respondents, the largest study of this type to date for a National Governing Body in the UK, provides a look into the benefits of the beautiful game.

Over 12 million players participate in different forms of football in England. That’s a lot of people playing football. It’s clear that, on a cultural and societal level, football has an important role to play in the way we deal with issues including mental health, wellbeing and suicide.

Delve into the findings and see the positive impacts of football.

What’s next?

We’ll keep in touch with you through regular emails and via social media. We’ll send you great football stories and content from our ambassadors. We’ll make sure you’re first to know about CALM’s campaigns and events across the UK.

You’ll have a platform to interact with other fans and players. You can let us know what’s going on with you and your teams. If you’re a player, you can get some lovely CALM Football Collective badges to whack on your team’s kit. You will become part of CALM’s movement against suicide and will receive accessible information, tips and advice on how to best support the wellbeing of fans and teammates alike.

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Host a tournament for us

One of the easiest and most popular ways to support CALM through your love of football is to host a tournament.

The amount of football events run for us is increasing all the time and we’re looking to help you as much as possible.

Visit Far Post FC to see how James supports us with his vids and specifically this installment that covered an annual football tournament Giancarlo Gaglione holds in memory of his brother.

Click here to register your event and receive information and advice from CALM.